Campus Terms

Adviser: The staff member assigned to support each student through their transition to the College and the range of decisions to be made throughout four years

BA Thesis: The bachelor’s thesis required by certain majors for graduation

Bart Mart (aka Maroon Market): Convenience-style store located on the first floor of Bartlett Dining Hall; a source of late-night snacks for on-campus students

BJ: Burton-Judson Courts, a residence hall at Ellis and 60th

C-Bench: A gift from the Class of 1903, in front of Cobb Hall and considered acoustically perfect

Career Advancement: Career Advancement, located in Ida Noyes Hall, provides career development, exploration, and job and internship search resources for students

Civ: Pronounced “Siv,” Civilizations Core

Co-op: Seminary Co-op Bookstore, a treasure trove of popular and hard-to-find books, including many of the texts required for social sciences and humanities classes

Core: Set of classes that provides the foundation for the College’s liberal arts education, required for graduation (aka gen ed or general education)

COUP: Council on University Programming, organizers of several annual celebrations on campus

CPO: College Programming Office, organizers of class development events for College students and Family Weekend

Crerar: Science library notorious for creating an atmosphere for hard-core studying; twenty-four-hour study space

CTA: Chicago Transit Authority, operator of Chicago’s public transit system

Doc: Documentary Film Group, which shows movies at the Max Palevsky Cinema located in Ida Noyes Hall. Each day of the week has a movie theme with popular/recent movies shown on weekends.

Dollar Shake Day: Offered Wednesdays in Hutch Commons

El: Elevated portion of the mass transit system run by the CTA

Freshman: Correct term is “first-year”

Harper: (a) Harper Memorial Library, central home of the College, (b) the picturesque library on the third floor of Harper, (c) William Rainey Harper, the University’s first President

Harper Fellow: Members of the College faculty whose primary responsibility is to teach in the general education (Core) program

Herald: Hyde Park Herald, the neighborhood’s newspaper

Hum: Pronounced “Hume,” Humanities Core

Hutch: Hutchinson Commons, a dining hall modeled after Christ Church Hall at Oxford; houses a food court as well as many large portraits of past University Presidents

Hutch Courtyard: The courtyard bounded by Hutch, the Reynolds Club, and Mandel Hall

Hutchins: Robert Maynard Hutchins, fifth President of the University of Chicago, who pulled Chicago out of the Big Ten

Hyde Park: Home of the University of Chicago

Ida: Ida Noyes Hall

I-House: International House, a center for international and campus cultural events that also offers housing to students and visitors

IM: Intramural sports

Kuvia: Kuviasungnerk winter festival

Loop: Chicago’s downtown area, which derives its name from the formation of the elevated train tracks

Maroon: (a) The official University of Chicago student newspaper is the Chicago Maroon, (b) the official school color

Maroons: University of Chicago’s varsity athletes

Master: Head of a Collegiate division

Max: (a) Max Palevsky Residential Commons, also known as Max P, (b) Max Palevsky Cinema in Ida Noyes Hall

Metra: Formerly known as the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad (IC), slightly more expensive but also more comfortable way to go downtown on public transportation

Midway, Midway Plaisance: A mile-long avenue running from Cottage Grove to Lake Park between 59th and 60th Streets, now home to an ice-skating rink and luscious green parks and fields. It once hosted the sideshows of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition.

O-Aide: Orientation Aide

Ombudsperson: Helps students resolve problems regarding academics, financial aid, housing, health service, etc.

OMSA: Office of Multicultural Student Affairs

P/F: Pass/fail, taking a course but not for a quality grade (A, B, C, D, F)

Point: The Promontory Point at 55th Street and Lake Michigan

Pub: A small, private pub located in the basement of Ida Noyes Hall. Membership is $5 for those over twenty-one with UCID.

Quads: Quadrangles, the central plots of land around which the original thirty-four campus buildings were constructed

Quantrell: The Llewellyn John and Harriet Manchester Quantrell Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

RA: Resident Assistant; a third- or fourth-year in the College who assists the Resident Head

Reading Period: Thursday and Friday of tenth week. Professors may not technically teach or have anything due on these days.

Reg: The Joseph Regenstein Library

Resident Dean: Faculty members and their families living in and heading the residence halls of the campus House System

Reynolds Club/RC: Building located at 57th and University, also home to many RSOs and the Center for Leadership and Involvement

RH: Resident Head, a graduate student or staff member living in a dormitory House as head

Robie House: A Prairie-Style house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright located at 58th and Woodlawn

Rockefeller: Non-denominational, cathedral-size chapel on campus

RSO: Recognized Student Organization

RSVP: Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention

Scav Hunt: A large annual scavenger hunt held in the spring

SHCS: Student Health and Counseling Services

Senior: Fourth-year student’s ego-boosting term

Soc: Pronounced “Sosh,” the Social Sciences Core

Stagg: (a) Amos Alonzo Stagg, the University’s first athletics director, (b) Stagg Field, located at 55th and Cottage Grove

Stony: Apartment-style dorm at 57th and Stony Island

Study Break: Break from studying that usually involves food, often a source of sustenance for students

TA: Teaching Assistant

Tenth Week: Last week of classes in a quarter, immediately before finals week

UCID: Student ID number or University identification card

UT: University Theater

Work/Study: Federal Work/Study Program that funds campus jobs for students