Volunteer Opportunities

The Parent and Family Program provides inclusive opportunities that support the University of Chicago and draw on the talents and expertise of parents and other significant family members. Parents and family members are invited to participate in one or all opportunities as they are able. Relevant staff from Career Advancement, College Admissions, the College Programming Office, and Parent and Family Philanthropy provide direct coordination and meaningful involvement for parents and family members.

Career Advancement

Career Advancement offers many different types of volunteer opportunities for parents and family members to connect with current students throughout the career preparation process, including:

  • Conducting practice interviews with students
  • Attending or hosting networking events
  • Inviting students to shadow you at your place of work
  • Hosting an internship, externship, or career exploration trek

To learn more about these another opportunities available from Career Advancement, email careervolunteers@uchicago.edu.

To volunteer for these and other Career Advancement programs, visit our volunteering website and complete our general volunteer registration form.

College Admissions

Year after year, parents have provided a valuable service to the College by sharing their experiences with other parents and welcoming new families into the UChicago community. College Admissions offers many different volunteer opportunities, including:

  • Hosting recruitment and admitted student receptions
  • Volunteering at a college fair
  • Writing welcome letters to parents of prospective students

To learn more about volunteer opportunities from College Admissions or to express your interest in getting involved, email Peter Wilson, AB'10, at peterwilson@uchicago.edu.

College Programming Office

Parents are often the best ambassadors for the College and serve an important role in engaging other parents to get involved in the life of the University. The College Programming Office offers a number of ways that parents can volunteer, including:

  • Hosting a Send-Off Party
  • Working shifts at family-themed events, such at Family Weekend
  • Contributions to family-focused communication, such as the parent newsletter or parent community website

To learn more about volunteer opportunities from the College Programming Office or to express your interest about getting involved, email Matthew Hendricks at mhendricks@uchicago.edu.

Parent and Family Philanthropy

As the University of Chicago has grown, it has offered new programs and opportunities to students that have come to define what an education from the College looks like. At the heart of this growth has been financial commitments made by parents, families, and alumni to expand and strengthen the College in every conceivable way. The College has many different ways that parents can get involved philanthropically. To learn more, visit the Parent and Family Philanthropy portion of this site.