Asia Parents Cabinet


The Asia Parents Cabinet, launching in Spring 2018, is a new group of engaged parents who support Dean John W. Boyer and the University of Chicago's growing presence in Asia.

The College has enormous respect for the parents and families of our students. Parents play an integral role in preparing children for college and in supporting them, financially and emotionally, while they pursue their education. As the College grows in prominence around the world, so does our international parent community.

The Asia Parents Cabinet grew out of a recognition of the success of the Dean's Parent and Family Council. We launched that group four years ago, and as it grew and began to attract more and more international parents, we realized we had an opportunity to engage Asian parents closer to home.

We created the Asia Parents Cabinet to reflect the importance of Asian families in the College's success. We ask these select parents to become investors in the enterprise and support one of the great universities of the world.

As a member

Members are invited to biannual meetings in Asia, which we are currently alternating between Hong Kong and Shanghai. Each meeting will feature presentations from world-renowned faculty, receptions with Dean Boyer and other prominent University faculty and staff, and extensive looks into University programs like Career Advancement, the Odyssey Schoarship Program, and more.

Members of the Asia Parents Cabinet are also entitled to all benefits of the Dean's Parent and Family Council. We hope members from both groups have the opportunity to meet and network.

Additionally, each member of the cabinet has a dedicated liaison to further engagement in all areas of the College.

How to join

To join the Asia Parents Cabinet, please reach out to a member of the Parent and Family Philanthropy Team. They are happy to walk you through the process or answer any questions you might have. You can find their contact informaton in the right-hand sidebar.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on December 1, 2018, in Hong Kong. More details will be posted on this page as they are available.

For further information, please contact Andrew Waldner at or 773-702-3232.