The Parent and Family Program

We know that you and your student have chosen to join the UChicago community for the endless potential it offers to each and every student. As a proud UChicago family, you are an integral part of the University community, and we encourage you to become actively involved with the many programs, events, and giving opportunities available to parents. Your efforts can truly impact the lives of students in the College while also enriching your own experience over the next several years and beyond.

The Parent and Family Program offers an array of engagement opportunities that allow UChicago families to decide how they want to direct their involvement with the College.

  • For families seeking to engage in innovative learning opportunities, we have an array of events and lectures that take place across the country and around the world.
  • For those seeking to get more deeply engaged with the direct support of student advancement opportunities, the College offers a variety of giving initiatives.
  • For parents who are looking to support campus events, communications, or outreach opportunities, we offer a number of volunteer opportunities.

Whatever your decision, we look forward to working together to support the success and well-being of all UChicago students.

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