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  • University of Chicago RSS Feeds
    Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution. The University of Chicago News Office provides three different RSS feeds for use in news readers and web browsers that feature RSS technology: press releases, “In the News” (University of Chicago media citations), and the University of Chicago Chronicle. These feeds include headlines, summaries, and links to various News Office websites where users can read full stories on their topic of interest.
  • The University of Chicago Magazine
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    Connect to the latest UChicago news, features, official announcements, social media, multimedia, and more.
  • University Community Service Center News
    UCSC News is a weekly electronic newsletter that takes timely national issues and examines them in the local perspective, emphasizing how students, faculty, staff, campus groups, or alumni are actively engaged with an issue through partnerships with the local community through related volunteer events, service projects or initiatives. Subscribe now.